Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Mackenzie Phillips Father - The Truth About the Affair (Video)

In the latest turn of events, Mackenzie Phillips father (John Phillips) is gaining controversy (and notoriety) as his daughter gets to spill the beans about their indecent relationship. Appearing on Oprah, Mackenzie Phillips, now 41, promoted her book High on Arrival while exposing dirty family secrets. Partially, the former "One Day at a Time" actress blamed her dad for the miserable outcome of her life -- that the Mamas and Papas lead singer slept with her before getting married during her late teen years and it was even her father that sparked her drug problems later on.
Mackenzie Phillips Father John of Mamas and Papas
Mackenzie indeed got the attention she wanted for people to get excited to pore over her new book and know all the juicy details of this sordid affair. Even half sister – former Wilson-Phillips singer Chynna Phillips confirmed what has happened – now that’s what we call a sister act in getting the limelight. Oh well, we all wonder why just now after 31 years did she reveal all these? Do they just need the limelight for these stunning revelations or Mackenzie simply wants everyone to learn a lesson from her? Want more details about this story? You can read more on CNN.
Below is a teaser video of the controversial Mackenzie Phillips appearing on Oprah:

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