Sunday, September 20, 2009

Mayweather-Mosley Confrontation (Video) - Stealing Thunder Kanye West Style

After Floyd Mayweather Jr. extinguished Juan Manuel Marquez last night, the current WBA Welterweight Super Champion belt holder Shane Mosley did a Kanye West type of grabbing attention. Mosley insisted that he will fight Mayweather while the undefeated boxer was being interviewed. Naturally, Floyd Mayweather Jr. looked enraged but was cooled down by onlookers and he just said that this is not Mosley's night.
Mayweather-Mosley Confrontation
That rude interruption by Shane Mosley was just so cheap. Obviously, he wants to get the limelight now that Mayweather is setting his eyes on Manny Pacquiao. By getting the ire of Mayweather, Mosley might just get what he wants. However, many analysts think that Manny Pacquiao is still the man to beat for Mayweather to regain his glory. What do you think? See the Mayweather-Mosley confrontation below:

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