Monday, September 28, 2009

Megan Fox Supergirl Wallpaper - Is This Her New Movie Role or Just Another Fan Fixation?

Just when that Megan Fox Wonder Woman photos have been proven to be a hoax, new pictures of Megan Fox as Super Girl has been spreading on the Internet. This actually started as a cellphone wallpaper 6 months ago showing a busty Megan Fox ripping her black jacket as she exposes her Super Girl costume.
Megan Fox Super Girl Pictures
If you want to have that free Megan Fox Super Girl wallpaper on your phone, just download it in It is niftily edited that her chest is somewhat bursting to be seen. The last Supergirl movie was seen in 1984 with Helen Slater in the title role playing Linda Lee Danvers who is the cousin of Clark Kent. No, Megan Fox is not gearing up for a Super Girl movie role in 2010. It's just that many guys are clearly fixated of her.
Megan Fox Wallpaper Full Sexy Bodymegan Fox Supergirl Wallpaper Photo

Original Supergirl Helen Slater:
Megan Fox as Supergirl Pics

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  1. That's not all that was "edited" zoom down.. just do it.


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