Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dante Wesley Hit Video - Wesley Hits Clifton That Gets Him Suspended

Dante Wesley hit Clifton Smith and everyone was excited to see what had happened. The shocking turnout in the NFC (October 18) when Wesley of the South Carolina Panthers safety got his hands on to Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Clifton Smith. Lasting for 10 seconds left in the second quarter, this hit took players from both teams off the sidelines. Luckily, no penalties were shot back for the pushing and shoving between the NFC South competing teams.
Dante Wesley Hit Video - Wesley Suspended
In the video, you'll witness Clifton Smith fielding a punt with 19 seconds before halftime will be called. Dante Wesley hit the rival arduously to nail him down on the turf. The hit had no previous motive at all and you'll see the Tampa Bay bench went to Smith's rescue. Not to be outdone, South Carolina players joined the rumble. The referees immediately came between to stop the ongoing sports debacle. Dante Wesley is rumored to be spanked with an costly NFL fine and a one game suspension because of this offense. You be the judge and watch if Dante Wesley hit deserves him to get the suspension:

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