Monday, October 26, 2009

Hilary Swank Sweats It Out As Amelia Earheart

It's not a walk in the park to portray the first female pilot Amelia Earheart, according to Hilary Swank. In her new movie Amelia, Hilary got drenched in sweat as she took her first flight lesson to prepare for her role. Hilary said:"I'm not big on sweating, but I found that after two hours of a flight lesson, I would land and my back was drenched. It wasn't from fear, but from concentration."
Bloomingdale's And Vanity Fair Host "Amelia" After Party
Too full on concentration that Hilary Swank almost got a real pilot's license because of the training alone! Yet, the film outfit that produced the film won't cover insurance for it, so the license was declined. Nonetheless, Hilary felt privileged to play Amelia, who went missing in 1937 after a flight. The Oscar-winning actress also told Chicago Sun-Times that:
Her life was certainly short. But she accomplished so much in that lifetime. She was also a reminder to me that you constantly have to look within. You have to also live for yourself and not other people. I want to look at my life and know I'm not missing anything.

I believe that you can live your life the way you want, find love and experience your dreams. You can have it all. For a short time, Amelia had it all.

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