Thursday, October 15, 2009

Julia Roberts Furious About Message Delay in India

America's Sweetheart Julia Roberts could not help but peel the Mona Lisa Smile off her face in knowing that her mother was hospitalized. What's worse is that it took 2 long days for her to receive the news about the incident. Of course, the 41 year old actress "freaked out" when she got the news that her mother had undergone a major operation without her knowledge! Julia is currently filming ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ in India and she's naturally worried about her mother's health condition.
Julia Roberts Message Delay Hospitalized Mother
It was just last month that her 75 year old mother Betty Roberts experienced heart attack. Earlier this week, Betty was admitted again in a hospital in Atlanta for an angioplasty procedure to clear up her blocked arteries. If there's any consolation, Julia is relieved that the procedure was successful and Betty is now recuperating.
Julia Roberts was mad at the film crew who drew excessive security around her in India because her "mum" would not have made and she "might have been the last one in the world to know about it". It has been reported that 350 guards were hired to oversee Julia Robert's security while in India. Oh well, whatever happened to your assistant who should have been taking note about your sick mother? It's the 21st century and yet Julia missed that news? Hello, cellular phone? Hello, WIFI? Unbelievable!

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