Friday, October 16, 2009

Kristen Stewart is Not a Fan of Vampires?

After being propelled to fame by a vampire flick Twilight, Kristen Stewart reveals that she is not that "interested" in vampires. What drew her to accept the role of Bella Swan who's the human love interest of Edward Cullen (played by rumored beau Robert Pattinson) are the relationships that inter-mingle in the storyline of the film series.
Kristen Stewart Not Interested in Vampires
Kristen explained that:"It wasn't the vampire aspect of the story that has ever drawn me to it, it's Edward's fight with his human side and how much he hated himself and was ashamed of himself." Kristen felt that the vampire element is just a representation of every human problem. Well, Kristen Stewart wanted to take other roles beyond the Twilight franchise to keep her level-headed. After four years of filming Twilight's three movies, Kristen believed she will turn into a psychopath if she will not accept other roles. Don't worry, Kristen... every teen girl would die to take your place as the leading lady of Robert Pattinson. Just be thankful for that!

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