Monday, October 26, 2009

Miley Cyrus Sister Halloween Costume Outrage

Noah Lindsey Cyrus may be just another child who's wearing her Halloween costume for the 16th Annual Dream Halloween party in Los Angeles. Yet, this 9 year old Miley Cyrus sister got the ire of critics because of the choice of costume she chose to wear – a sexy leather overalls, a whip and a cherry red lipstick. Many of them thought that her outfit as "trashy" and looking like a Lolita, a young temptress.
Noah Cyrus Halloween Costume
Why should a father like Billy Ray Cyrus allow Noah Cyrus wear a dominatrix costume for a Halloween party? Maybe his parental instincts might have just gone awry. Just imagine what type of outfits might she be wearing ten years later. The Cyruses never fails to amaze everyone with their chutzpah. To think that the event is a Halloween party that serves as a fundraiser organized by the US Children Affected by Aids Foundation.

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  1. Oh man I pity a world where Noah is considered a Lolita. My god she's fugly.


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