Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Paris Hilton to PETA: 'I'm the Best Animal Lover in the World'

Hotel heiress, socialite and all-around celebrity Paris Hilton did not mince words about the uncouth criticism she received from the People For The Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that claims she uses her pets as "accessories". Paris argued that: "I'm the best animal lover in the world. There's nobody who takes care of their pets like me... they are my children."
Paris Hilton and Her Teacup Piglet
PETA issued a statement earlier when they heard Paris Hilton is purchasing a teacup pig as her new pet. The information was even publicized in Paris Hilton's Twitter site when she wrote that:"So excited for my new piglette to come home to me (sic)." PETA criticized that Paris is a "wretched example" of how she treats animals as "disposable" like her friends and boyfriends. The teacup pig Paris is purchasing is priced at $4.500, which will be her latest addition to the menagerie of chihuahuas, kinkajous and ferrets she already owns.

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