Friday, October 23, 2009

Victoria Beckham: Spice Girl to Wedding Planner?

Bored of being just a football star's wife, Victoria Beckham is trying her knack at being a wedding planner. Yet, too bad she's paying this one herself at £50,000! Yes, Victoria is spending time to become the wedding planner for her younger sister Louise. Louise is marrying stockbroker Darren Flood on December 27.
Victoria Beckham Wedding Planner
A very close friend of the Beckhams disclosed that Victoria assured Louise: "I don't care what it costs - it will be my Christmas present to you". Aww, that's very sweet - Louise was reportedly very "touched" with her sister's gesture. What's more special is that Victoria wants the event to take place in their very own Beckingham Palace mansion in Hertfordshire, East England. Very Wang is also being tapped as the fashion designer, who also created the gown Victoria wore for her 1999 marriage to David Beckham - to make Louise's dress. However, the groom Darren is reportedly upset about Posh Spice's offer because he wants to pay for the nuptials himself. The source revealed that: "He is insisting he gets the bill - it's why he is so respected and liked by the family. But Victoria normally gets her way". Unfortunately, this will not be the first time Louise will be marching down the aisle at the Beckingham Palace, since she wed there in 2002 and her marriage went pfft five years later in 2007. Maybe, Darren would not like the bad luck associated by holding the wedding there?

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