Thursday, November 5, 2009

Kim Kardashian Gets Black Eye After Charity Boxing Match

Poor Kim Kardashian! She just wanted to give to charity and now she's nursing a black eye from it. Kim did not realize that the girl she will be fighting with had hands made to land on her face. Kim exclaimed that: "My girl was a good sport, but she was tough! I knew I had to do it for charity, since that's what it was all about, but man, my girl could throw a punch!" Luckily, she’s okay now and needs concealer to hide what’s happened to her left eye.
Kim Kardashian Black Eye
It appears that Kim was not only the Kardashian family member who got punched black and blue. Her brother Rob Kardashian was brought to the hospital for the concussion he obtained. The supposed to be "friendly" boxing match of Rob went crazy when someone from the crowd got into the ring - that person was a trained fighter! Kim recounted that:
At one point Rob's mask fell off and when he put his hands down he got hit in the face and ended up in hospital with a concussion.

Rob's a strong guy and can definitely hold his own, but he wasn't expecting to get hit after his mask had fallen off! This guy just got really down and dirty!
The charity event was held in order for the Kardashian family to obtain bids from the public to fight with them for charity. The winning bidders was supposed to be weighed in and that apparently did not happen. Because of what Kim and Rob got, sister Khloe Kardashian and the boyfriend of her other sister Kourtney, Scott Disick, withdrew from their scheduled fights. Next time, the Kardashian family should think of other charity event ideas that won't get them black and blue afterwards!

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