Monday, November 9, 2009

Madonna & Jesus Luz Heading Down the Aisle?

Lots of speculation abound when pop queen Madonna has decided to finally meet the parents of her 23 year old Brazilian boytoy Jesus Luz. The 51 year old pop superstar is now heading to Brazil in order to visit Cristiane Regina da Silva and Luis Heitor Pinto da Luz - the mother and father of Jesus Luz respectively. Is this visit a prelude to a big engagement party afterwards or Madonna just wanna hang out with her boyfriend’s mother who's four years younger than her?
Madonna & Jesus Luz Getting Married
Isn't it weird if Jesus and Madonna will get married the mother of the groom is younger than the bride? Anyway, Madonna is still thinking over about taking Jesus seriously at this point in her life. On the contrary, the Brazilian model wants to secure his relationship with the pop singer. In an interview, a friend of the couple revealed that Madonna does not deny she loves and needs Jesus Luz. Growing up a Christian, Jesus "wants to marry and be taken seriously. She doesn't want to lose Jesus and so the visit to his parents is her way of saying she will make this relationship permanent. He wants proof of commitment and he wants her to make an honest man of him." It can be remembered that Madonna would rather be "hit by a train" than marry again. Yet, it appears she is about to change her mind and is now telling her close pals that marrying Jesus is "on the table" as part of her future plans. When will we hear the pealing of wedding bells?

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