Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Mariah Carey Gets Her First Acting Award for 'Precious'

Despite Mariah Carey was rammed by critics for her acting debut in her 2001 film Glitter, she now gets her redemption that she can act in the film Precious. Aside from the top acclaims of 'Precious', the 21st Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival has decided to give Mariah Carey a Breakthrough Performance Award. Although the top-selling diva just portrayed a supporting role in the film, Mariah's acting shines well in the film as she completely transformed herself from a glamorous music icon to a forthright social worker by playing Ms. Weiss in 'Precious.'
Mariah Carey gets her first acting award for Precious
No, don't look down on this award because previous Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson, Marion Cotillard and Freida Pinto all got this award and their films were honored in the Academy Awards later. Mariah Carey just got back from a wacky appearance in a UK TV show GMTV, where she gamely acted out a diva-like behavior by insisting to bring her own toilet paper while in the show. Nice one, Mariah! We hope you can do more film roles if ever you snatch the best supporting actress award in the 2010 Oscars!

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