Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Victoria Beckham: Teacup Pigs for David Beckham

Victoria Beckham thinks that two teacup pigs are a perfect Christmas gift for football hubby David Beckham. In fact, Posh Spice did not bat an eyelash spending £1,400 ($2,315) for two miniature pot-bellied Gloucester Old Spot cross-breed as an early treat for her beloved husband.As one source quipped: "'What can you possibly buy the multi-millionaire, superstar footballer who has absolutely everything? In the case of David Beckham, the answer is, obviously, a pair of cuddly designer piglets. Victoria fell in love with them and realized she'd found the perfect present."
David and Victoria Beckham Teacup Pigs
It is said that the former Spice Girls member adored the two pigs which David Beckham named Pinky and Perky, based on popular characters in a children's TV show. Unknown to us, these teacup pigs are clean and easy to train. David and Victoria plan to let these cute little piggies run inside their house and be on their laps while watching their favorite TV shows. David and Victoria are not the lone celebrities who are getting teacup pigs as pets. Recently, hotel heiress Paris Hilton got one, while Harry Potter star Rupert Grint also purchased this loving pet earlier.

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