Sunday, January 10, 2010

Celeste Cooper True Story in Mother Knows Best

Everybody seems to be wondering who is Celeste Cooper? It's quite a peculiar name and search trends admonished about Celeste Cooper True Story. Well, she is a socialite who is the subject of the 1997 movie called Mother Knows Best. It appears that Celeste Cooper film just a fictional name. The real Celeste Cooper is a multi-awarded interior decorator.
Celeste Cooper True Story
Why is everyone thinking that the Celeste Cooper in the film Mother Knows Best is a real person? It's because the film depicts Celeste as an overbearing and scheming mother who's out to get what she wants for her daughter to the extent of endangering her marriage. Joanna Kerns convincingly plays the role and it's showing tonight on TV. Maybe everyone is intrigue by her antics that's why Celeste Cooper True Story is a trending topic today.

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