Wednesday, February 17, 2010

American Idol 9 Top 24 - The Official 2010 24 Finalists Revealed LIVE

So far, we're not wrong about the spoilers we made in the American Idol 9 contestants list. We’re pleasantly surprised Big Mike is still there because rumors have been milling he’s been disqualified. Other than that, all other Top 24 people we’ve listed 3 weeks ago came out as expected. Except for two: Chris Golightly and Paige Dechausse! They Are replaced by Tim Urban and Paige Miles (same first name?).
Jim Urban American Idol Top 24
Though it's quite unnerving the judges did not let Thaddeus Johnson inside the American Idol 9 Top 24. Just see the list below. Did your favorite got through? Were they not cut tonight?

The Official American Idol 9 Top 24

1. Michael Lynche
2. Didi Benami
3. Katelyn Epperly
4. Casey James
5. Aaron Kelly
6. Lee Dewyze
7. Todrick Hall
8. Janell Wheeler
9. Tyler Grady
10. Lacey Brown
11. Ashley Rodriguez
12. Alex Lambert
13. Jose (Joe) Munoz
14. Crystal Bowersox
15. Katie Stevens
16. Lilly Scott
17. Paige Miles
18. Michelle Delamor
19. Jermaine Sellers
20. John Park
21. Siobhan Magnus
22. Haeley Vaughn
23. Andrew Garcia
24. Tim Urban

See all of their photos here --> American Idol 9 Top 24 Photos

American Idol 9 Top 24 videos

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