Wednesday, March 31, 2010

American Idol March 31 Results - Who is Kicked Off in American Idol Top 10 Live Blog

It's American Idol elimination tonight after a grueling R&B Soul performances from the Top 10 finalists! Who of them will be in the Bottom 3 and who will be voted off? According to Dial Idol, it's either Andrew Garcia, Katie Stevens or Tim Urban who are in danger of being kicked off out of the American Idol Top 9 next week!
American Idol March 31 Results - Who is Kicked Off in American Idol Top 10 Live Blog

So, just watch this space here for real time results because we're live blogging the American Idol March 31 Results night!

*American Idol March 31 Results night is kicked off with Ruben Studdard (American Idol Season 2 winner) opening the show!

*Their Ford commercial is shown with them singing "Kung Fu Fighting" and they watched a premiere of Clash of the Titans. Mama Garcia says that she's proud that she raised Andrew right.

*Lee Dewyze is called up first. He's safe.

*Casey James is up next. He says he wants to give more each week. Aaand, he takes a seat because he's safe.

*Aaron Kelly is safe. So is Siobhan Magnus.

*Katie Stevens is in the Bottom 3.

Usher is up next.

Oh, Justin Bieber is in the show to watch his mentor Usher.

* Didi Benami is also in the Bottom 3!

* Big Mike Lynche is adjudged as safe.

* Crystal Bowersox is safe.

It's Tim Urban and Andrew Garcia on the hot seat.

Andrew is safe and it's Tim Urban in the Bottom 3.

Katie Stevens is declared safe.

I knew it! Didi Benami will sing for her life. Tim Urban is safe again!

Will the judges save her?

Unfortunately, the judges unanimously voted to let her go home.

Didi Benami is voted off the American Idol Top 10 and she looks very upset with that irrevocable decision.

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