Wednesday, March 24, 2010

American Idol Top 11 Results - Who Will Be Voted Off Live Blog

So who will be going be home after the American Idol Top 11 Billboard #1 Night? Will Tim Urban be finally kicked off or is it Paige Miles who will be eliminated? Everyone is excited to know who will belong to the American Idol 2010 Top 10 list!

It's American Idol Top 11 Results show and mentor Miley Cyrus will be performing. Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato will also grace the results show to give more thrill in the eliminations night!
American Idol Results March 24 - Miley Cyrus Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato
Take note of this space because we will be LIVE blogging the whole American Idol Results Night March 24!

Ford new Idol music video - Oh, Andrew Garcia was left out in a fountain full of plastic colored balls. Is it a premonition that he'll be booted off?

Ryan Seacrest interviews the contestants.

Siobhan's boss will not shave until she wins.

Ryan shows the three empty seats reserved for the American Idol Top 11 Bottom 3!

Dim the lights! Siobhan is called first.

Siobhan Magnus is safe and she will be packing her bags this summer for the Idol tour.

Casey James and Lee Dewyze are called next. They are set aside by Ryan and left standing.

Paige Miles and Tim Urban are called. Randy thought Paige Miles has the worst performance.

Paige Miles and Tim Urban occupy the Bottom 3 seats. Whoa!

Ryan announces the theme next week R&B Soul. That should be exciting! Usher will guest as mentor.

Miley Cyrus is now on stage singing "When I Look at You".

Ryan announces that Idol Gives Back will be in two weeks. He also recognized that Casey and Lee are safe anyway.

Aaron Kelly is safe.

Didi Benami is safe.

Michael Lynche is safe.

Crystal Bowersox is expectedly safe.

Katie Stevens and Andrew Garcia are called.

It's sooo Andrew Garcia in the Bottom 3.

Ohs? Katie Stevens is in the Bottom 3!

Never mind, Katie Stevens is called safe.

Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas are singing "Make a Wave". The crowd goes wild.

So who will be kicked off in the American Idol 2010 tour?

Tim Urban is SAFE.

Paige Miles will sing for her life in the competition.

Simon prevented her from singing her "save" song because she tells her that they will be unanimously decide that she's going home anyway.

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