Saturday, May 1, 2010

Nicholas Cage Buys a Pyramid Despite Financial Woes

Despite his being embroiled in debts because of lavish purchases, Nicholas Cage is in it again - he bought a 9 foot mausoleum shaped like a pyramid. Yes, like a pyramid, like a pyramid... as that Charice song goes. Nicholas has set this giant pyramid inside a cemetery in New Orleans to serve as his final resting place. Wow, he might just want to be treated like a Egyptian pharaoh?
Nicholas Cage Buying a Pyramid
Nicholas Cage is somewhat unpredictable with his extravagance - buying a crystal skull and a castle before. Now, this - while his Bel-Air home is foreclosed and it's on auction for $10.4 million. He's also facing a tax bill amounting to $5 million due to a mistake made by his financial adviser. Fellow actor Johnny Depp has vowed before to help him with financial woes. We're thinking - how will he pay for it?
Nicholas Cage Pyramid Mausoleum

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