Thursday, May 28, 2009

Susan Boyle Caught Ranting - Susan Hates Shaheen Jafargholi

Fame might just be giving her much pressure as Susan Boyle was caught publicly screaming four letter words when two strangers "set out to wind her up" in the Wembley Plaza Hotel in North London yesterday (May 27 5 PM). In the Sun UK exclusive, the Internet sensation was "roaring": "How f&@#!ing dare you! You can't f&@#!ing talk to me like that." And when the cops stationed near the hotel accosted her about having problems, SuBo snapped out "Of course there's a f&@#!ing problem!". Whoa, that's really not the Susan Boyle the world knew who's a church worker and a mild-mannered woman! Sources say that Susan Boyle is in a bad mood lately because one of her toughest competitor in Britain's Got Talent, Shaheen Jafargholi got rave praises from BGT judges the night before, especially from her favorite judge Piers Morgan. More than 100 people at the hotel saw Susan scream invectives when Shaheen's fans were cheering for him at the hotel bar.
Susan Boyle Ranting and Hating Shaheen
A pal of Susan Boyle had intervened and told Susan to calm down and she "can't act like this." One neighbor of the Internet sensation issued Susan's tendency to throw a fit: "The reason is because if Susan doesn't get what she wants, she goes wild." Another one commented that: "A few of us think it's only a matter of time before she loses it on the show." I guess Susan should get her act together in order to gain their votes for the show. If she can’t control her tantrums, Susan will definitely be subdued by a 12 year old kid in the BGT Finale. For more information about the Susan Boyle ranting, please visit The Sun UK website.

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