Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mayumi Heene Nationality: The Real Deal Answer

Everyone's asking about Mayumi Heene's nationality. If you don't know her, Mayumi is the balloon boy mom who now admitted that she is accomplice to the hoax that she and her husband Richard Heen cooked up in order to get world attention. Yep, they entirely machinated the whole imbroglio that their son Falcon was in trapped in that balloon in order for their family to be marketable to the media. Maybe, they wanted to appear on TV again as they did in Wife Swap -- now they are facing federal charges instead!
Mayumi Heene Nationality
Anyway, back to Mayumi Heene nationality issue, some think that Mayumi Heene is Filipino. Nope, Mayumi isn't Filipino but she is Japanese. Mayumi Heene's maiden name is Mayumi Iizuka (飯塚真由美) and she was born in Japan. Richard Heene met her in Kobe when he worked there years ago. So there you have it, Mayumi Heene is of Japanese descent.

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