Friday, October 23, 2009

X-Factor Wants Lady Gaga as Mentor

After Whitney Houston last week, the hit UK reality show X-Factor wants Lady Gaga next. True enough, X-Factor bigwigs are groveling on their knees to get the Poker Face singer on the show despite her bashing of reality shows to be giving contestants "false understanding" of success.

Lady Gaga was once quoted that:
If you win a TV show and you have a hit record, you sort of have a false understanding of what it means to earn success.

The shows are set up for a winner, for someone to win. Whereas with someone like me, who writes my own songs, you have to set yourself up to win.
However, X-Factor executives are unfazed about those comments because they are bound to make the celebrity guest list this year as their strongest ever. They already guested Robbie Williams and Whitney Houston. Bon Jovi is also due to appear in X-Factor too on November 1. Another celebrity up in the guest list is Shakira. Well, then, Lady Gaga should clear up her schedule because UK fans will be surely pining for her eccentric dance moves on their favorite TV show.

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