Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Rachel Uchitel - Mistress in Tiger Woods Affair?

The Tiger Woods cheating wife saga has continued to branch out. Now, it seems the third party involved is a woman named Rachel Uchitel. Mediatakeout says that they got this scoop from National Enquirer. However, with more digging on who Rachel Uchitel is, it seems we figured that this rumor is somewhat unreliable and too schmaltzy if true. Major drama if this is confirmed.

Rachel Uchitel (the woman in white blazer) is the same woman that actor David Boreanaz has allegedly cheated his wife on while she was pregnant. If the Tiger Woods affair with Rachel Uchitel is true, then are they sharing the same mistress? Eew... For where ever these rumours about the Tiger Woods affair are heading, then let's just pretend it's not true for now. Unless more reliable sources will spill the beans on it, we're still not buying the National Enquirer's scoop.

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