Thursday, February 18, 2010

Tim Urban Shirtless - American Idol Top 24 Hottie

Despite all the brouhaha over Chris Golightly disqualification, we definitely have no complaints Chris was replaced with a hottie Tim Urban. In the Hollywood rounds, he was the one who sang David Cook’s song. Check Tim Urban’s shirtless photos below.
Tim Urban American Idol Photos

Tim Urban is waaay hotter that Casey James - the guy who's Kara Dioguardi's favorite. Hmmm, with his long hair though, he looks kind of geeky. Check out the Tim Urban shirtless photos with his hair shorter. What do you think? 
Tim Urban Shirtless American Idol 9 Top 24Tim Urban Short Hair Shirtless

Tim Urban Hollywood Week Video American Idol 9:


  1. cuute! whered u get these photos?

  2. were the photos with friends taken at local gaypride??


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