Sunday, November 16, 2008

Gail Nicolas in "The Buzz"

After being booted out of Pinoy Fear Factor, Gail Nicolas is interviewed by Kris Aquino The Buzz yesterday.

But before we talk about the said interview, here's one big boo-boo in The Buzz episode yesterday:

Committing spelling errors are tolerable on anything but the name of the company you're working for. Hello? Someone's got to whack that GFX artist in the head because he or she seems still oblivious that they're working for ABS-CBN, not "ABS-SBN"!

Anyway, there many people who say that Gail looks like Marian Rivera. In the interview, Gail mentioned that she was not at her best doing the final stunt that's why she failed. Despite that, she is still thankful for her stint in Pinoy Fear Factor, which made way for more opportunties to come to her. She informed that she's out to be casted as a mermaid in Anne Curtis teleserye Dyosa and she will be featured on the FHM cover this month.

Watch Gail's interview here:

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  1. It is a nice read. I am really happy to see the same in this blog. Go ahead with more.


  2. I loved her. but she's the first to be sent home.. how sad of me..


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