Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Paolo Bediones Wooing Savanah Again?

How can Pinoy Fear Factor connect with Survivor Philippines? It turns out that Survivor host Paolo Bediones once dated Savanah Lamsen of Pinoy Fear Factor!

It's been a hush-hush gossip last week that a male TV host is always calling a Pinoy Fear Factor female partcipante. Even Kris Aquino was asking Gail if she was that girl during her interview in The Buzz.

The story goes that Savanah and Paolo knew each other via the Internet through a chat room. Then on, romance blossomed and they became boyfriend and girlfriend. However, they parted ways later after a misunderstanding. Now, Savanah made it to the Pinoy Fear Factor and allegedly Paolo is again constantly calling her over the phone to woo her again.

Probably she became sexier and prettier than ever before. But, heck look at Savanah...

She somewhat looks like Ethel Booba. Does it mean that Paolo might like her former co-host Ethel Booba before too?

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