Saturday, November 1, 2008

Pinoy Fear Factor Scandal

Jose Sarasola from Pinoy Fear Factor

Just before the Pinoy Fear Factor will grace the Kapamilya station, an alleged sex scandal is brewing that features one of its contestants pleasuring himself via the webcam.

One of its participantes is 22 year old Jose Sarasola, a hunky culinary student from ParaƱaque. He's half Spanish and was once featured on Candy magazine. I thought the name and face is quite familiar because I saw him in a scandal before from an email group. Here are the pictures from the alleged scandal:

Only the hair is different but the facial features are oddly the same. Is it really him? You be the judge!
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  1. Well, it does look like him.

    Any chance we can see the video?

  2. Here's the link:

  3. "Who among the Female Participantes is the Sexiest?"



  4. For who record this video, here is a message for you. Jose Sarasola is human being, if that is him so what! everyone have their own life their own privacy, this video's between you and him only and you shouldn't record it down and post it! as long as they do not hurt people like how you ruined up his life with this very childish action! it is very not appropriate! human's attitude is formed by imitation from the people all around them. now imagine and think! someday when others do the same to you, when you family, friends or even your business partner watch it! think! you do not want this kind of life.


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