Thursday, November 6, 2008

Male Pinoy Fear Factor Contestants in Trunks

Apart from the controversy faced by Jose Sarasola in the alleged webcam video, here are the 7 male Pinoy Fear Factor contestants in their most daring outfits.

It's as if like they are joining a bikini contest in these photos, if you ask me...

He's Elmer Felix. A veterinarian/med rep by profession, he prides on being competitive and persistent by nature. Let's see if this delicious Kapampangan has all what it takes to be el ultimo participante in PFF.

He's Jommy Teotico from Manila. He's a model and his friends tag him as a "playboy". Will his naughty tricks get him on the top of the pack?

Jose Sarasola, the chef and rich kid. Basing this picture from the alleged webcam video, it seems the legs make a difference. In the video, the legs were smooth and this one's hairy. Maybe he didn't shave this time?

Presenting the businessman from Cabanatuan City, Manuel Chua Jr. Already a daddy to a four year old daughter, it seems that he's got a drive to win this contest.

Born in Vienna, 21 year old Marion dela Cruz is a student and soccer player. He says he's quite determined to take whatever challenges in PFF to be able to cop the top prize.

Essentially, he's the most recognizable face among the male contestants. Ram Sagad is 23 years old and an ex-basketball player in NCAA. He won the Century Tuna Superbod 2007 and has been constantly appearing in TV commercials already.

RJ Calipus is a 20 year old stevedore from Tondo. Growing up in the pangs of hardships, he is already a father when he was 17 years old. Right now, he already has 2 daughters. Will his cunning and street-smart background carry him to the last round in PFF?

There you have it! Seven PFF participantes posing like bikini hunks. Who do you think is the sexiest? Pinoy Fear factor will grace your television screen on November 10.    

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  1. Ram Sagad has also appeared in several TV shows and teleseryes on ABS CBN.

    Based on pictures, I kinda found him plain though no doubt a great bod. Then, when I saw him at the mall (he going down escalator, I going up), I found him totally hot! My neck nearly broke when my gaze followed him.

  2. So many gorgeous men...
    So very few I can afford...

    Would you know where I can get high-res versions of these?

    Thanks! Mwah!

  3. I just got them through yahoogroups.


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