Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wanna Inject Cooking Oil in Your Face?

Korean Hang Mioku was a gorgeous woman when she was 28 years old (See photo above). She had almost perfect teeth, winsome smile and supple skin that is the envy of most of her friends. You wanna know what happened to her? At 48 years old, here's what she looks like now...

After undertaking 20 years of professional face surgeries and countless self-injections that she thought would be her formula to attain eternal beauty, she obviously have gone overboard with her plastic surgery addiction.

Now, she looks like a walking freak show! Hang recounted how she became so addicted to plastic surgery that she sought for a doctor who would supply silicone for her to accomplish her own procedure at home. When the silicone ran out, she allegedly used cooking oil. At present, her face has already reduced in size and she was featured on Korean TV to raise funds to reverse the ghastly damage (Source: The Sun).

I guess Vicki Belo should take heed from this woman. Why? Only botox touches her face, what touches yours?

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  1. omg! i pity Hang so much..

    her mental health is impaired.

  2. I find Vicky Bello being one of the ugliest woman in the Philippine society of celebrities.


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