Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Pinoy Fear Factor Recap (After Pilot and 2nd Episode)

Okay, Pinoy Fear Factor pilot episode was shown November 10 after I Love Betty La Fea. Generally it was fine, save for the sob stories of the contestants trying to gain sympathy from the audience.

If no sob story, then letters from their family members were read to get them teary-eyed somehow (Duh?).

Anyway, the most striking sob story might be that of RJ, the stevedore. His father was French and his mother gave him up. He was born and raised in Parola, finished second year high school and now at 20 he is father to two daughters. Maybe after PFF, he will separate his wife (Remember Franzen?). I've also read in another blog that RJ has a gay benefactor, who is holding some photos of him in unflattering poses exposing his private parts. Allegedly, his "thing" is riddled with humps (bolitas). Well, let's wait to see that!

Our main controversial guy Jose Sarasola is definitely the boy-next-door type. I think he is the cutest guy participante. Anyway, first episode took up the sob stories, their travel to Argentina and the "kulitan" of the contestants at their camp.

The next episode, finally, the first challenge was revealed. This was the rolling barrel in the mid-air stunt. The first contestant who took the stunt was Elmer, the vet. Most contestants only got one flag from the rolling barrel, then they fell off the ice-cold Rio de Plata. Only Phem got two flags. By the way, is Phem really just 27 years old?

So there you have it! The third episode is coming up later tonight. RJ and Gail are up for elimination because they didn't get any flag from the rolling barrels. Unless the last two (?) contestants suck more than them, then maybe it's bye-bye time for one of them later this evening.

You can watch the 2nd episode here.

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