Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Yul Wins International Acting Award

Erstwhile sexy Pinoy actor Yul Servo gained accolades for two of his indie films "Brutus" and "Torotot" (Trumpet). This is why he was given two best actor trophies at the 35th Brussels International Independent Film Festival last November 10.

Despite of his sexy image, it is no doubt that this brown-skinned hunk can act. He is currently slated to star as a gardener who seduces a 12-year old boy in a quite disturbing film "Dose". Currently, he is part of the cast of GMA's "La Lola".

As if you didn't know, Yul is now a Manila councilor. Probably, following the footsteps of another sexy actor Isko Moreno, who's also fortunate to cop the Vice Mayoralty seat in Manila. Yul also gained notoriety as he was rumoured to be Piolo Pascual's beau years ago. They claim that they are only close friends and nothing more.

With that, many text jokes have sprouted that played on with Yul-Piolo rumour. Also, the jokes now mutated that it includes fellow heartthrob Sam Milby, after the Piolo-Sam fiasco that Lolit Solis made famous. Here are some of it:

*What is Papa Piolo's favorite song?
Dati, it was "YUL be in my heart". Ngayon, it's "SAMtimes when we touch".

*What is Papa Piolo's favorite candy flavor?
Dati, it was YULcalyptus. Ngayon, SAMpaloc na.

*What is Papa Piolo's favorite time of the year?
Dati, it was Christmas. Bakit? Kasi, it's YULetide season. Ngayon, SAMmer na ang gusto ni Papa Piolo.

*Sino namang Hollywood actor ang favorite ni Papa Piolo?
Di naman nagbago. Si SAM-YUL L. Jackson!

*What does Piolo need to make his life complete (parang Centrum)?
Some hugs, some kisses, some loving and of course, SAM Milby!


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