Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Brad on Security Guard Groping Incident

When other people are longing to be touched and embraced, some would not even wish they were Brad Pitt for a day. As the dashing Angelina Jolie husband was attending a Los Angeles screening of his newest movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, legions of screaming fans and paparazzi could not bear containing themselves from laying hands all over him.

So this security guard groped, pushed and spun him around like he was a handbag being swerved away from petty snatchers. Despite the brash treatment, Pitt maintained his gentlemanly demeanor throughout the ordeal.

Brad had no qualms with that as it is "just another day in the life". One photographer was even surprised at the intensity of protection because Brad was not mindful having his pictures taken upon arriving half an hour early at the Bruin Theater in Westwood. Then, when the theater security barged in to push away all unwanted paparazzi, one guard "accidentally grabbed Brad by the arm really hard". (Source: MARY GREEN and PERNILLA CEDENHEIM of People).

Photo by: David Aguilera / BuzzFoto

Well, I guess Brad would not have problems visiting Philippine malls, if that's the case. I know how it feels like being unceremoniously groped as if you're hiding something deadly. Anyway, it's for our own good, but can these security guys just pass their hands and not pinch your what-nots? So, if you're one of those guys who wanna be touched and violated with your clothes on, you know where to go... Hehe!   

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