Friday, February 20, 2009

Barbie Bandits - Are Female Bank Robbers on the Rise?

When we are at the height of a global financial crises, bank robberies and other pecuniary crimes are sure to shoot up with that. However, CNN reported that bank robbery is not a male crime anymore as FBI statistics show. Barbie bandits and other female robbers are scoring many bank heists lately because they are left with no choice. They even feel that banks are customer-friendly and the safest place to rob.

Those photos above are of Heather Lyn Johnston and Ashley Miller, a.k.a. "Barbie Bandits" both 19 years old. Miller and Johnston earned their monicker the police released a bank video. These girls were even seen giggling and joking behind those fashionable sunglasses as they were handing in a hold-up note to the bank teller. Miller only got probation, while Johnston went to jail. The guy in the picture is Benny Herman Allen III, the bank teller who was in conspiracy with the Barbie Bandits.

Here's a news feature about the Barbie Bandits:

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