Friday, February 20, 2009

Jommy Teotico Emerges as Pinoy Fear Factor El Ultimo Participante

After twenty million years of waiting for this ABS-CBN show to end, finally Pinoy Fear Factor had crowned the 24 year old Jommy Teotico as the El Ultimo Participante. Jommy snatched this title from Janna Dominguez in their last challenge which was Car Roll Over.

Last January rumors swirled that Janna was the winner in Pinoy Fear Factor. Obviously, the hearsays were wrong. Jommy, who seems to be one of the least liked contestant, was also previously rumored to be the third one voted out. Yet, Jommy rose from all the mediocre performances and held the flag of the Pump Squad up high.

I will try to post the video of the Ultimo Duelo later. But first, you should see Jommy's dancing prowess:

Jommy's Winning Moment:

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