Thursday, February 12, 2009

Did Seth Binzer Expire of Cardiac Arrest?

What is the real score in the rumor that Seth Binzer had cardiac arrest or is it just another false alarm? Seth Binzer (also known as Shifty Shellshock and Epic) is the lead vocalist of rock band Crazy Town (Crazytown). The 34 year old Seth "Shifty" Binzer became one of the 9 contestants on the VH1 TV show Celebrity Rehab. It is a show where celebrities will try to lead on a new life by living clean and sober.

However, viewers of the Celebrity Rehab show were surprised as Seth was missing last week. The next episode was spent on other participants trying to find him and finding out that if he had overdosed. Then, rumors started milling that Seth died after cardiac arrest was sent out of life arriving at a hospital.

As of this time, nothing can be confirmed yet as everything are still speculations and hunches. More updates will be made here later.

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  1. we just saw him walk out of the ER, for all we know he didnt even have a heart attack and just hung around a hospital waiting for cameras to see him. i have a hard time believing someone who overdosed was allowed to leave and then able to run and jump a wall. good publicity move, though

  2. the patches he had are from a cardiac monitor, they dont mean he had a heart attack. people who have heart attacks are ALWAYS admitted. why wasnt anyone notified? he said he had a cardiac arrest but did any doctors or anyone else mention it? show me a discharge paper from the ER and i will believe you


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