Thursday, February 12, 2009

Rumors Abound: Is Jennifer Hudson Pregnant?

Again the gossip-y whispers are buzzing around Dreamgirls star Jennifer Hudson. She's pregnant -- this rumor is sprouting out from nowhere. This gossip has been going on since October last year and the rumor-mongers were surely not right as we can see from Jennifer's flawlessly un-preggy figure from last Grammy's. She was also one of the awardees in the 40th NAACP Image Awards Thursday night. She looks slimmer, right?

However, Jennifer is still very okay with boyfriend David “PunK” Otunga and in fact plans to get married are brewing but still not confirmed. Her pregnancy or not is still a question that needs to be answered by her. Nothing is confirmed yet, until we hear it straight from Jennifer's agent of herself.

In the mean time, let's take a peek at Jennifer Hudson's new official video from her latest single "If This Isn't Love":

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