Thursday, February 5, 2009

Facebook Blackmail - Anthony Stancl Faces Sexual Charges

As a social networking site, Facebook can be a venue for violations by some like what Anthony Stancl did to 31 of his school mates in New Berlin Eisenhower High School.

Anthony Stancl is just a regular 18 year old high school student in New Berlin Eisenhower High School in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Yet, unlike the rest of us who used Facebook as our means to gain new friends, he wanted more out of it. By posing as a young girl named "Kayla" or "Emily", he tricked at least 31 of his male school mates to send nude pictures of themselves to him. Armed with these, he used these nude pictures to blackmail them into performing lewd sexual acts with him.

Now, he is facing numerous charges. Stancl is not keen in pleading guilty to these charges on the series of incidents from spring of 2007 that led him deeper into this turmoil. Carrie Antlfiger reported that "thirty-one victims were identified and interviewed and more than half said the girl with whom they thought they were communicating tried to get them to meet with a male friend" to let him perform do untoward things them.

Furthermore, "they were told that if they didn't, she would send the provocative photos or movies to their friends and post them on the Internet... Stancl allegedly used the excuse to get the victims to perform repeated acts".Read the whole news story here.

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