Thursday, February 19, 2009

Helpless Dolphins Stuck in Ice Need to be Rescued (VIDEO)

Dolphins are dubbed as the friendliest of the sea creatures. Compared to most animals, dolphins have superior intelligence. However, these dolphins near coastal village of Seal Cove in Newfoundland, Canada need to be rescued because they are trapped and helpless in a middle of an icy shore. People of Seal Cove are already alarmed about this situation and they are calling for help because the dolphins keep going round in circles, while "trying to keep this little pool of water open so that they can have their breathing area".

All around, one can see that there is just a tiny hole where the white-beaked dolphins can breathe. These dolphins do not have the capability to swim under the ice sheet because they need to surface in order to inhale oxygen.

The mayor of Seal Cove have already informed the Fisheries Department about the dangers faced by the dolphins if they are not rescued on time. Here's the video of the dolphins:

Here's another link where you can read more details about this story.

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