Thursday, February 19, 2009

Showbiz News Ngayon: All Meat, No Fluff

Two days after the pilot of episode of Boy Abunda and Kris Aquino's newest showbiz-oriented talk show, it is certainly hitting all the right marks to raise the bars of what entertainment shows should achieve. Getting the peg out of US show like E! News or Daily Ten, the viewers can enjoy all showbiz news without the hosts bugging you with their endorsements and greetings/gratitude to every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Compared to The Buzz, Startalk and Showbiz Central, all these three shows are guilty of over-hyping their topics when in fact those are old news already (All that shouting in each gap to commercial annoys me: Susunod! Abangan!). It's a total waste of time, if you ask me! SNN hosts Kris Aquino and Boy Abunda are acting like they are professional news anchors here. This approach gives a semblance of authority to them than what they regularly do in The Buzz.

Plus SNN's content is quite aggressive because they ask the most controversial questions without hesitation. The exclusives are such gems like the Willie Revillame interview and Nina's revelations. What is just disturbing is that some issues like stars flaunting on their most expensive bags and luxuries. I don't see anything wrong with it, but when majority of the land is in poverty... it seems not ethical to do that. Of course as Boy Abunda expressed that "luxury is the child of hard work", would it be more right to contribute to Bahay Kalinga to be able to build houses for the homeless rather than having a 1 million peso-worth hand bag? That's just a point to ponder, anyway.

All in all, SNN is off to a good start. It is up to them to maintain the impact of their new format. Of course, all the exclusives should be worth the wait amid all the teleseryes before it.

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