Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Jesus Luz: Madonna's Brazilian Papi

What does an aging bimbo do after a nasty divorce and a roomful of children? Well, Madonna chose to take in another young ward -- 20 year old Brazilian model named Jesus Luz.

Of course, Jesus is too old to be Madonna's next adoptive son so it might as well be given that he is the current flame of the 50 year old pop diva.

The two has been said to have met in Rio de Janeiro last year in a photo shoot for W Magazine. Since December last year, they are always seen together in Sao Paolo, London and recently in New York.

Hanging out with an international diva raised the bars for Jesus Luz definitely. In a report from NYMag, Luz is now "asking for some $135,000 a show" when "he did the same job last year for a mere $225." Presently, agents are now hesitant to contact the Brazilian model because he kept on suggesting his exorbitant rates. Hmm... it seems the himbo is turning into a diva after rubbing elbows (and more?) with Madonna. Or is Jesus commensurating his fees for babysitting the children of his philatrophic Kabbalah-loving girlfriend?

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