Sunday, February 22, 2009

Peril in the Lake - Deadly Oklahoma Octopus (Video)

We've heard of k1-]]er whales, sharks and piranhas, but violent octopuses (octopi?) are scary creatures we see in movies like James Bond. Yet, surprisingly, an alleged monstrous Oklahoma octopus is wreaking havoc against swimmers in Lake Tenkill3r and Lake Thunderbird. According to reports, a number of swimmers and boaters have been victimized by the enormous cephalopod.

As the video that was featured in Animal Planet's Lost Tapes, anyone will surely get the creeps when you see two girls in a boat, which is being knocked up by a giant octopus. Is this for real or is it just another prankster? Surely, the ancient legends from Native Americans who have encountered the Oklahoma octopus would be interested to qualify their claims. Just like the chupacabra, the Loch Ness and even the Bigfoot, every claim is just considered fictitious until a tangible and unquestionable evidence is produced. As for now, let us just watch the scary video of the Oklahoma octopus:

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