Tuesday, March 17, 2009

American Idol Top 11 After-Performance Recap - Grand Ole Opry Week

The American Idol 8 Top 11 finalists have finished their Grand Ole Opry performances. Some of them struggled with the country music theme, like Danny Gokey and Alexis Grace. Adam Lambert remains consistent in offering a stellar performance. Anoop Desai got his rightful vindication as he exhibited an above average performance this week. So, who will be voted off tomorrow? American Idol predictions by Dial Idol assumes that Michael Sarver, Alexis Grace, Allison Iraheta and Scott MacIntyre are on the bottom list, while Danny Gokey seemed to have garnered the most votes for this week.

Grand Ole Opry Bottom 4

Let's see, if Alexis Grace will be voted off -- I think the judges will save her because this was just the occasion wherein Alexis showed a weaker performance. Plus a girl can't probably go home because there's just four of them left. Scott MacIntyre would also not go home, that's for sure. Mercy votes from people will be numerous and the judges will also save him in if he gets the boot. Now by process of elimination, Michael Sarver and Allison Iraheta are wound up to say their goodbyes tomorrow. I am sad with Allison because she has a lot of potential but she just does not shine with her song choices lately. Michael Sarver is a weak performer compared to others. So, that's it... My fearless forecast for tomorrow -- either Michael or Allison will go home.

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