Wednesday, March 4, 2009

ASHLEY ELLERIN - Ashton Kutcher ex-gf ASHLEY ELLERIN and other serial k1l-li-ngs linked

Ashley Ellerin was mercilessly st1abb3d in 2001 in her Hollywood Hills home. As a fashion student that time, Ashley was 22 years old when she was murd3-r3d. Although Ashley Ellerin's d3-_ath was a long time ago, her case is being opened again because similar young women have been mysteriously kil-l3d before and after her. The suspect? An air conditioning maintenance man.

Ashley Ellerin

In 2001, Ashton Kutcher himself, stopped by Ashley's home to fetch her during the night of her mu-rd-3r, but there was no answer. Later on, it was found out from a series of investigations that Ashley Ellerin was killed by Michael Thomas Gargiulo, a 32-year-old air conditioning repairman. Gargiulo's DNA was matched with the one found in Ashley's body, while he was being held on suspicion of the m1u-r-d=er of a Santa Monica woman last year. Read more about the investigations in the CBS News Early Show website.

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