Monday, March 9, 2009

BARTENDAZ - Positive Physical Fitness the Bartendaz Way

Bartendaz, as the name implies, was once a conglomeration bartenders in New York City. Founded by Hassan Yassin, Hassan led these bartenders to undergo innovative fitness drills at a park in Harlem. Later on, the group called the methods of physical training they used as Bartendaz, as it was now taught in 40 New York City Public Schools.

Bartendaz NYC

Now, they are under the wing of Constellation, a non-profit physical fitness organization. What has been attained is that, aside from the muscular strength and physical wellness gained by the youth under the Bartendaz program, this program also helped the youth in Harlem to channel their energies into positive activities so that they will cannot involve themselves in vices and delinquency. Aside from the cool routines, Bartendaz also uses hiphop music to match their various exercises.

In other words, Bartendaz bestowed positive gratification and peer validation in fitness for many youths to concentrate more in doing good in their lives. Because of the huge success of Bartendaz, this program can now be purchased on DVD (see Bartendaz website).

Here are some videos of the Bartendaz program:

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