Sunday, March 1, 2009

CATALASE Trace: CATALASE ENZYME makes your hair gray

Catalase is a digestive enzyme ubiquitously present in all living life forms that speeds up the separation of water into hydrogen peroxide and oxygen. In fact, catalase is an overworked protein in our bodies because it does the separation of water over a million times in one second. Wow! Anyway, recently, scientists have finally traced catalase enzyme as the culprit to why human hair turn to gray especially in older people.
storm, catalase enzyme

CBS News explained the aging process naturally cause our hair to bleach itself white:

The process starts when there is a dip in levels of an enzyme called catalase. That catalase shortfall means that the hydrogen peroxide that naturally occurs in hair can't be broken down. So hydrogen peroxide builds up in the hair, and because other enzymes that would repair hydrogen peroxide's damage are also in short supply, the hair goes gray.

Putting the brakes on that chemical chain reaction "could have great implications in the hair graying scenario in humans," write the researchers, who included Karin Schallreuter, a professor clinical and experimental dermatology at England's University of Bradford.

With this new development, scientists can now think of a way to thwart that natural process and apply a cost-effective method to prevent the graying of hair. I guess X-Men's Storm should be very happy to hear this news.
Here's a video about the catalase enzyme:

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