Sunday, March 1, 2009

Jolas of PBB in Sexy Trunks -- Ex-Teen Housemate now a Cappucino

Do you remember Jolas? That tall teenager who joined Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition Plus (where Ejay Falcon emerged as the winner). Yep, Elyzar "Jolas" Paguia is now turning 20 years old in April 24. He is from Bulacan and obviously a basketball player in FEU as his height is 6'4 (1.93 meters). Jolas is now the newest member of a sexy male group called The Cappuccinos. Recently, the members of this group became controversial because they appeared in the indie boldie Sagwan. See him at his sexiest after the jump.
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If you want to scrotumize... I mean scrutinize the photo even more you can click here because the pic is bigger than what this blog shows. Is this a sign that we will see Jolas Paguia in sexy movies soon? He's got potential, you know.

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  1. ang sarap niya!!!!
    at ang kinis sarap dilaan!!!

  2. PBB days pa lang kapansin-pansin na ang bulge nya pag naka-shorts.
    this picture confirms na dako talaga siya. kahit tulog pa mukhang jumbo na! jolas is a welcome addition to the cappuccino boys.

  3. how can I get in touch with JOlas

  4. how handsome aman nia... minsan ko nlng sya mkita here sa school.. so gwafo!!!


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