Saturday, March 14, 2009

DANIELA KRSTIC - Miss Oregon Daniela Krstic Father in Visa Fraud

Daniela Krstic is the current Miss Oregon, but her father's allegiance to the United States is being questioned for the alleged visa fraud he committed in 1998. Milenko Krstic, Daniela's father, apparently hid the truth about his involvement in the Bosnian-Serbian military. Yet, an international tribunal revealed that Krstic was an officer in a military unit who had decimated unarmed Muslims in 1995. Because of this Krstic, including his family, may be deported out of the United States.
Daniela Krstic

In an interview, Daniela Krstic is appealing to the public that his father is innocent. Krstic's lawyer unveiled that he was just a clerk in that military unit. However, documents proved that Krstic was a member of the "Zvornik Infantry Brigade for the Army Republic of Srpska from 1992 through 1995". More details bout this news is available in the FOX Oregon website. You can also view the news report here.

Daniela Krstic

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