Saturday, March 14, 2009

WHITE OF AN EGG - Uses of Egg White

White of an egg? That is scientifically known as the albumen (also spelled albumin). Although this substance has no cholesterol unlike the egg yolk, the white of an egg is oozing with 584 amino acids and no carbohydrate. This is why, the white of an egg can be safely eaten without fear of having hypertension after consuming it. You might be wondering why am I blabbering about the white of an egg? Well, many people are searching about it so I might as well inform them what I know.

white of an egg

Don't you know that a meringue (pronounced as merang) is made up of beaten egg white? In brazo de mercedes, the outer covering is made up of the meringue also. Also, you can make an icing using the white of an egg. However, you have to use the powdered sugar to sweeten it. Here's a video how to make meringue out of the white of an egg:

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