Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Model Crying - The Catwalk Caterwaul

Okay, that's exaggerated! This model didn't caterwaul at all but she just shed copious tears while sashaying in Jil Sander's runway in the Milan fashion show. Her face was deadpan and the onlookers just thought it was a chic gimmick. She is a Lithuanian model named Auguste Abeliunate. After the show, everyone just talked about the mystery of that crying model. Was someone mean to her backstage? Was she forced into wearing that tacky blazer?

Model Crying

Some bloggers put meaning to those tears. They say she was crying for "our fashion sins". Really? Let's see how some celebrities would react:

Thandie Newton says: "What fashion sin?"

Hayden Panattiere quipped: "Fashion sins are for earthlings! I'm a space cadet!"

Paula Abdul screeched: "I can't commit a fashion sin, I'm a queen! Where's my pyramid? I'm Yellow-patra!"

And lastly, KC Concepcion finally admitted: "Yes, I am sinful. I idolize Mystica! So sue me!"

Mystica purred: "Rawrrr!"

So there... the deadly sins worth weeping for...

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