Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Scott MacIntyre's Mandolin Rain and Lil Rounds Rev it Up for Group 3

Scott MacIntyre dominated the American Idol 8 Group 3 performances. Scott sung Mandolin Rain, originally sung by Bruce Hornsby. On the other hand, Lil Rounds emerges from the girls in Group 3 with her song Be Without You, a Mary J. Blige original. You can see Scott MacIntyre perform Mandolin Rain and Lil Rounds video after the jump.

Mandolin rain, scott macintyre, lil rounds

Here's the video Scott MacIntyre singing Mandolin Rain:

Here's Lil Rounds with Be Without You:

Scott MacIntyre and Lil Rounds are easily the top contenders for this group. DialIdol already prophesies that Scott and Lil will hold hold on to the two spots for American Idol Top 12 tomorrow. Who could the third one be?

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